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Membership in GNI Export Club is a passport to an elite circle of industry leaders. Here, you will find an environment rich in opportunities for learning, resource-sharing, and planning international business delegations. Our members are not just participants but active contributors to the worlds' export narrative.


Our club's core mission is to amplify the reach of Indian products and services on the global stage. We are dedicated to nurturing an ecosystem that not only promotes international trade but also contributes significantly to the growth of the world economy.

At GNI Export Club, we believe in the power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing to transform the landscape of global exports. We are a prestigious, member-only networking hub where worlds finest manufacturers, traders, and service providers converge to create a synergy that transcends borders.

The Dr. Jagat Shah Advantage

He has a PhD. in International business, is a Diamond technologist, is certified as a cluster development expert by UNIDO and is a Certified management consultant ( CMC) from ICMCI, USA. He is based in Ahmedabad in India with operations in USA and Canada.
After his studies, he worked for 10 years in MNC’s like Xerox. 

In 1996 he started his for profit company, Global Network, where he and his team work as advisor to overseas governments and companies on Trade (Exports and imports), technology transfer, Joint ventures and Investment. He and his team love to work with SME’s, youth start ups, and women owned businesses to connect them to global markets. He and his team has organised and led as well as hosted several trade and investment delegations from India to 40 countries in last 27 years. 
Check the list of 180 delegations in the web :


In Global Network, he and his team has worked in multiple sectors like Textiles & apparels, Pharma, food processing, building materials, IT, Biotech, Agro, Energy, Gas, Petroleum,  Port & port-Led industries, Financial services, Gems & Jewellery, Tourism, Automobile & Auto Components, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Electronic Hardware, Aerospace & Defense, Renewable Energy, Heavy Engineering & Industrial Parks.

In 1997, he started an international trade training school in Ahmedabad, India -
Global Network Institute ( GNI ) , since 27 years and has conducted 212 cohorts of international business program, attended by 6100 business owners, including MNC’s, corporates & SME’s from around the world who have become established exporters.

In Global Network Institute, he has conducted 883 seminars globally on international trade.

Check the list of 883 seminars in the web:

During the pandemic period, he started Global Network Digital Institute and
conducted 179 online Vibrantinars from May 2020 to Dec 2022. Check out his
online video store of unique lectures on international trade.
Check the E-Store of our webinars :


In 2004, he started his not-for-profit company, Cluster Pulse, where he and his team has implemented international market strategies, technology development projects, cluster development, import substitution, innovation and competitiveness related projects for World Bank, USAID, UNIDO, GIZ, DFID, GCC, ADB, IADB, The commonwealth secretariat, European Union, Nokia and Microsoft in many countries, besides India. 
In Cluster Pulse, he and his team has worked in 102 industry clusters in 20 countries ( developed, developing and underdeveloped ) to successfully connect cluster based SME companies to global markets. Worked for 10 years on economic development projects in Afghanistan, under funding from USAID. He is known in these org for his innovations in each project which is then scaled up globally.
Check the web : 

From 2007 to 2016, his company Global Network worked as the Trade and
Investment Commissioner of Government of Manitoba (Canada) for nine years
in India. He and his team has also worked on economic development (trade and investment) projects with Governments of USA, Brunei, Senegal, Oman, EU & India.


In 2017, Under his not for profit company, Smart village, he and his team
implements a smart village program which are adopted by Indians living in The USA.
Under this program, they convert the 62 NRI ( USA ) adopted villages in 19 states of India into smart villages in 1000 days. Check the web :


In Cluster Pulse, in 2018-19, he and his team implemented a world bank funded
project in India in smart village ( 112 ) with activities for creating alternate livelihood for coastal communities with a focus on availability of clean drinking water, 100% toilet in villages, village lake rejuvenation & waste water management.

In 2015, he started a for profit company, Vibrant Markets, which is a global market research firm conducting primary & secondary market research for global and Indian markets. He and his team has served 600 clients in several countries.
Check the web :

He is the Co founder and promoter of global expos & knowledge summits like Vibrant Kutch, Vibrant Saurashtra, Vibrant Ceramics, Vibrant Tamil Nadu, and
Vibrant Goa. Check the web

In 2015, he launched his Mentor on road drive in India which was a popular
program, self driving to 22 states of India, driving 12,000 kms, meeting small medium companies and start ups to understand their pain points of doing business and submitted a 49 one - liner policy recommendations to PMO to improve ease of doing business in India. Check the web :  

In 2017, he launched his Mentor on road USA road drive, supported by US
Commercial Service and EDC - US department of commerce and Start up India
under which, he completed self driving, 21,000 kms in USA to 35 states and 35 cities in USA over 82 days meeting 4000+ American companies, start ups, women owned
businesses and Indian diaspora explaining them through presentations on “New India 4.0 and business opportunities for American companies in India”. 
Check the web :

In 2021, he became the chief mentor of Vibrant Women, an organisation, owned & led by a woman entrepreneur, which exclusively works to connect Women owned businesses all over the world with each other for trade & investment. During pandemic, they built a new business model of work from home for women who worked with SME’s to connect them to global markets through exports.
Check the web :

In 2023, completed a Mentor on road drive across Canada, from Montreal to
Vancouver.Check the web :

In 2024, he is launching GNI Export Club, to serve the alumni of Global Network
Institute with value added services for international trade.
In 2024, He has planned to drive on his Mentor on road trip across Australia for 52 days, from Melbourne to Albury – Canberra – Wollongong – Newcastle – Gold Cost – Gympie – Rockhampton – Townsville – Cairns – Darwin – Broome – Karatha – Geraldton – Perth – Adelaide - Melbourne.

In total he has self driven 600,000 kms in many countries in last 15 years for
mentoring and is in the book of world records. Check the web :

His most challenging assignment so far has been in Afghanistan where he worked with thousands of carpet weavers, dry fruit farmers and women entrepreneurs in handicrafts, to train and connect them to global markets. He is currently mentoring Afghan women entrepreneurs online.
His 300 articles have been published in global press and he has been interviewed by all leading TV channels in the world.
His hobbies are stamp collection, coin collection & hats collection.
He has written three books, one in Hindi and two in English
1. In Hindi on philosophy of life : Shabdon ki zimmedari (The responsibility of words)
2. In English on Lockdown activities from home to grow business – “When the entire world was imprisoned- Jab poora jagat kaid mein tha”.
3. In English on Relationship between Science & Jainism.

He is a Speaker in several national & international Management schools. 
He is a Rotarian and managing trustee of two charitable trusts.

He thanks his wife Rupal Shah for constant support & encouragement in his journey and has two children, son Nisarg Shah who is into AI & data analytics and a daughter, Monisha Shah who lives & works in Canada in peace & conflict management area.

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